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Richard Telfeja – Ecom Profit Masterclass 2022 Update


Richard Telfeja – Ecom Profit Masterclass 2022 Update

The Ecom Profit Masterclass is a six week online video training and direct mentorship program that teaches you every single step needed to create and grow a massively profitable Shopify ecommerce business.

On top of world class training videos, Masterclass Members get direct access to Laz Chavez and Richard Telf as mentors. This combination of coaching and training videos has resulted in over 100+ student success stories and makes the Ecom Profit Masterclass the most unique, fully featured Shopify and Google Ads training program on the market today.
Week 1: Shopify Setup
  • Setting up your online store and designed for a TOTAL beginner
  • ​How to set up the back end of your online store step by step without any coding involved whatsoever
  • ​Getting a domain and setting up email forwarding
  • ​How to set up your legal pages without any lawyers involved
  • ​Installing our high converting, proven to sell theme
  • ​Creating a logo and customizing your theme without any designer experience
Week 2: Zero-Risk Products
  •  How to use the research tools I use to find winning products that will sell and make us money
  • ​How to offer hundreds of different products WITHOUT ever spending a dollar on inventory
  • ​How to find suppliers who have the products for a cheap price
  • ​How to import these products into your store with just one click
  • ​Editing product titles, description templates, and images to look extremely legit
Week 3: Apps & Order Fulfillment 
  • ​The exact apps to ensure your online store is a success
  • ​Setting up simple, yet very effective apps that will 2-4x sales and make your life much easier
  • ​How to place orders with your supplier with just one click
  • ​How to send tracking information to your customers with just one click
Week 4: Google Setup
  • Step by step Google Adwords and Merchant Center account setup
  • ​Getting familiar with the Adwords platform
  • ​How to easily set up conversion tracking so that you know your ROI
Week 5: Google Ads Setup & Optimization
  • Never made a Google ad before… no problem, we build them step by step in front of you
  • ​SUPER Cheap $20 per day Google Ads is all it takes to make this work
  • ​How to setup your first Google Shopping campaign to test products automatically
  • ​Our exact blueprint to turn tiny stores into 7 figure businesses
Week 6: Search & International Expansion
  • How to set up the most profitable search campaign ever… that will get you conversions for $1
  • ​How to leverage Google Shopping data with search campaigns
  • ​How to scale your business internationally with Google Shopping made easy
$5000+ Bonus Package
  • Fully Optimized, Ready-to-Sell Theme ($997)
  • ​Access to Our Exclusive Mastermind Facebook Group ($997) 
  • ​Live Coaching Once Per Month ($1997)
  • ​Zero to $780 Case Study ($497) 
  • ​20+ Q&A Recordings ($997)
  • ​EPM Merch (PRICELESS!!!)

Richard Telfeja is a true eCommerce success story. He was just a poor immigrant kid who saw the promising future of online store shopping and grabbed the opportunity to set up his own e-Store.

If that’s not inspiring, we don’t know what is! July 2022 updated review about eCom Profit Masterclass course.

You can’t help but admire this kind of tenacity in a young kid who had to hurdle so many obstacles to succeed in his business.

What was Richard’s secret? How did he become so successful at eCommerce?

Simple: he’s learned to use a secret source of traffic that ramps up his visibility resulting to high conversion rates.

Where is this traffic coming from?

Well, that’s where Richard gets coy. You have to sign up for his course to find out.

As a former e-commerce store owner, I know the pitfalls of spending thousands of dollars on paid ads which you’ve no way of knowing will convert or not.

Shopify stores are invisible to customers unless you advertise it, so that means shelling out thousands of $$$ to let people know your store exists.

I’m fiscally conservative, the money that I spend should be only for strategies that give me a return of investment.

Scroll below for my # 1 recommended online business model that has netted me $50K+ of passive income every month.

Lead generation increased my monthly income 1,500% or higher!

How is this massive income growth even possible?

It felt pretty unreal to me too the first time everything clicked and all the lead-gen sites I built were rented out and sending money my way every month.

I love helping small business owners dominate online so they can serve more customers.

The lead generation business model has enormous potential. We can help businesses online just about anywhere in the world!

Who is Richard Telfeja?
Richard’s name is now synonymous with ‘eCom genius.’

He set up an online store back when eCom wasn’t a buzzword yet and had tremendous success with his dropshipping techniques.

Richard now shares his trade secrets to earning $2 million in sales from his online store monthly by launching his eCom training course.

He learned all his strategies after going through hundreds of trials, errors, and learning moments from running his own store.

He now earns 7 figures every month, sharing his self-made wealth with his family.

He works closely with fellow immigrant entrepreneur Lazaro Chavez during their Masterclass sessions where they reveal their exclusive source of traffic that ramps up sales in their online stores.

Yup, to the tune of $2 million a month!

How’d he do it?

He uses paid traffic ads via Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Dropshipping saves him a lot of cash from not having to pay storage fees and delivery staff.

As of July 2022, he has 70K+ followers on his official Instagram page and 550 subscribers on YouTube.

His video uploads almost always have a loyal following and racks up thousands of views, with lots of post engagement as evidenced by relevant comments.

eCom What?!

Your neighborhood convenience store has changed.

The face of modern commerce is now a laptop computer hooked up to the ‘Net.

The customers? Not just residents who live 5-10 blocks around the store. We’re talking international buyers now.

Ecommerce is the practice of buying and selling products over the Internet.

E-commerce is where it’s at today. Modern buyers merely log online, scroll through hundreds if not thousands of product options, click a button then wait for you product.

We never had it this good. It’s like the dam broke open on the age-old concept of the “storefront” and now, any enterprising individual can open an online store and hawk products to an unlimited number of potential buyers.

Ecommerce brought these changes:

Your location doesn’t matter anymore – eCom broke down geographical barriers
Easy to gain new customers with Increased Search Engine Visibility. …
It costs less than $500 to launch a store
Find Product Suppliers in Seconds
No need to Fly for Business Meetings
Save Travel Costs
Comparison shopping hooks customers
Activate deals, coupons, group discounts, any other creative promo
Give customers extensive product info to persuade them to buy
Target your customers via customized ads for warmer leads
Online stores don’t close. Midnight sales all week!
Less staff needed to run the store
As of July 2022, there will be 1.92 online buyers from all over the world that flock to eCommerce sites for some easy, no -sweat shopping

That’s some huge numbers right there, and if you’re smart, you’ll hitch your pocketbook to this economic opportunity.

For now, only 13.7 percent of all retail sales worldwide originate from electronic purchases, but can you imagine how high these numbers will go once the online marketplace really dominates shopping?

Do you see the internet going away?

Me neither. The power of connectivity is here to stay and every aspect of human existence will be affected by the internet.

Are You Seeing What I’m Seeing?
Almost 50% of US businesses don’t have a website
Peak shopping hours in online stores are between 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. – when people get off work
65% of shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores compare product prices in online stores while they’re shopping in physical locations!
Smart consumers do their research – and 85% do before buying a product
Word of mouth ranks higher than expert recommendations – 81% of buyers will buy a product that’s been ooh’ed and aah’ed by a friend or relative prior
A customer will drop you faster than a hot potato for poor customer service – 80% of them do
Shoppers will stay with a store if it’s easy to access the people who run them so build relationships with your customers
Only 1 in every 34 site visitors will result to a purchase – this is due to poor conversion techniques
Painful checkout processes annoy customers to the point that they abandon the products they were about to purchase due to inferior checkout experience
Shipping and handling costs will cause a customer to abandon their online shopping carts
Retargeting customers work – especially those who have abandoned their online shopping carts but didn’t delete the products inside
Stores with multiple channels in various social media sites sell more products – make a continuous shopping experience flow from Facebook, to Shopify, to Instagram. Create store branches!
Phone shoppers are expected to eat up 67% of all digital sales
Once you piss off a customer, they won’t return to patronize your online store in the future. Survey says 62% of these customers will stay away for good
When your store takes a long time to load on mobile, say goodbye to your sales. Yup, shoppers’ attention spans are just not what they used to
Who spends 6 hours a week shopping online? ….. You guessed it: young ‘uns. Millennials. Gen X’ers. But don’t forget Gramps too as they spend an average of 2 hours a week shopping online. For what? We don’t know.
The opportunities to profit using online stores are limitless!

If you sell a business or product and you don’t own a store yet in these heathen summer days of July 2022, are you even paying attention?

ECom Profit Masterclass July 2022
With an investment of $1,497, you can now earn the trade secrets that made Richard Telfeja and his partner, Lazaro Chavez, certified eCom millionaires in one hot minute.

Richard knows of a SECRET traffic source which he’s learned to harness and provides him crazy amount of sales.

Once enrolled in the program, he will tell you the step-by-step process to incorporate the traffic source in your product flow from supplier to store.

He produced high-quality videos to train his students to run fast-selling products like he does.

What he teaches his students:

Be able to build an online store that’s ready to sell products, optimized to high SEO heaven using Shopify.
How to use the most conversion-friendly traffic source in 2022
How to scale their campaigns using the best social metrics
Masterclass Members can also hit up Laz or Richard anytime they need to pick the experts’ brains. That’s authentic dedication to teach right there.

It’s a real mentorship package – training combined with 1-on-1 coaching. The student testimonials speak for themselves.

The eCom due has trained more than a hundred entrepreneurs, keeping true to their promise of sharing best practices for eCom success in today’s world.

This combination of coaching and training videos has resulted in over 100+ student success stories.

Ecom Profit Masterclass is hands down one of the better developed, fully featured online training course for your Shopify store to hit it big.

Richard unlocked his bonus content section so that anymore who enrolled in the course in July 2022 can view case studies for free.


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