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Matt D’Avella – Master YouTube – Course Downlaod



Matt D’Avella – Master YouTube – Course Downlaod

There’s no better time to start a YouTube channel than right now

The game has changed and anyone (yes, even you!) can create their own platform and share meaningful content with the world.

Master YouTube is designed to help you lay down the foundation you need to create a YouTube channel that’s unique and distinct to you.

By the end you’ll be able to



Matt D’Avella’s Course Content Style

Matt D’Avella is the instructor for this course and he’s delightfully himself in this engaging course.

If you have seen his YouTube videos, you’ll know what I mean.

He’s witty, a clear communicator, a strong filmmaker, and, most importantly, he has biceps.

More on his biceps in a second.

The first few modules are focused on getting clear on your YouTube vision and setting up the technical parts of your channel. You’ll hear from Matt directly as he walks you through the step-by-step process of getting clear on your vision and setting up the different aspects of your channel.

In the later modules, you’ll see how Matt develops ideas, shoots, edits, and publishes YouTube content.

For these sections, he has created a new channel – Biceps by Matt – to serve as a real-life example to follow.

The best part of the course content style Matt went with is you get to see every single step Matt takes to make a video.

  • How does he come up with ideas?
  • How do I structure an effective YouTube video?
  • What’s the best way to make a thumbnail?
  • How can I edit videos quickly?

If you are a fan of Matt’s content and want to learn from Matt, you’ll love the content and structure.

Master YouTube Has Amazing Downloadable Resources

The process documents and downloads you get from Master YouTube are incredible.

What do you get exactly?

  • Master YouTube workbook – a compilation of all the exercises and key principles of his teachings
  • Production Checklist – a step-by-step checklist to go from idea to final video
  • Video Idea Checklist – a quick gut-check list to see if you should even make the video you are thinking of making
  • Master YouTube One Pager – all the ideas from the course in one document

The Master YouTube One Pager is so good, in fact, that I framed it and have it hanging up in my room.

As an added bonus, it’s always nice to get to see what gear each creator uses to make their videos. You’ll gain access to the list of the exact gear Matt uses to execute his videos as well as his software recommendations.

Matt D’Avella VS Erika Kullberg VS Sean Cannell

There are three big players in the YouTube course space.

  • Master YouTube by Matt D’Avella
  • Mastering YouTube by Erika Kullberg
  • Video Ranking Academy 2.0 by Sean Cannell

So, which one should you buy?

My favorite YouTube course, even after taking Matt’s, is Erika Kullberg’s course.


  • You learn the process to make videos that will organically rank on YouTube.
  • You receive blueprints on the exact videos you need to make during your YouTube start.
  • You implement monetization strategies early on so you can go full-time faster.

Matt D’Avella – Master YouTube – Course Downlaod

Matt D’Avella – Master YouTube – Course


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