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Feibel Trading – Multiple Timeframes (2021) FREE DOWNLOAD

Multiple Time Frames course offers an edge far greater than any indicator within trading. Comprehensive understanding and application will elevate the trader to new heights, inevitably increasing the odds of success for most strategies, regardless of methodology.

Feibel Trading extracts a variety of methods found within the utilization of multiple time frames, offering a unique perspective into market behavior. In addition; an exclusive semi-rule based momentum multiple time frame strategy with inherent filters has been developed and shared.

The course implements a paradigm shift within the trader’s technical approach to the markets. Consequently, the use of multiple time frames is the single most important development that the modern era has provided professional traders.

Designed and constructed for advanced traders with existing strategies. Due to the progressive nature and complexity of content, it is highly recommended that traders possess a high level of price action skill to extract maximum value, or for those with knowledge of LPA: Logical Price Action – The Complete Course. Case studies cover various asset classes and time frames


  • Pinnacle of strategy enhancement
  • Provide assistance with decision making
  • Obtain critical market reads
  • Advanced entry techniques
  • Exclusive MTF momentum strategy
  • Skills transferable across all asset classes
  • Improve price action skill level
  • Additional trading opportunities
  • New perception of market behavior
  • Plus much more


We believe at Feibel Trading in veracity and transparency, reflected through our systematic trading strategies that capture the explainable disparity between market forces. Through rigorous testing our platform has provided the opportunity to build a robust, diversified methodology, with a strict adherence to simplicity and purity.

Our firm has developed several unique training strategies that seek to offer aspiring traders an enlightening approach, enriching the learning process. The ontogeny of traders is a critical component to our success, the requirement for rapid skill development has led to an investment in cognitive neuroscience. Successfully implemented, we utilize new ground breaking training protocols generating a unique, tailored, industry-leading education programme.


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Free download — Feibel Trading – Multiple Timeframes (2021)

Feibel Trading – Multiple Timeframes (2021) FREE DOWNLOAD

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