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SEO Gems Advanced Money Hat SEO By Charles Floate – Free Download Course

SEO Gems: Advanced Money Hat SEO By Charles Floate – Free Download Course

This course is for those that have an understanding of SEO and will have the tools & abilities to utilize advanced SEO methodology & techniques that could revolutionize the way you pull off campaigns, several times over.

These strategies are not meant for beginners! This course is meant to empower people who are already making money with SEO, already have a business, an agency, clients or their own websites and will easily be able to implement these advanced strategies and get highly profitable results.

If you missed out on all the SEO conferences, masterminds & networking events this year.

I’ve not only packaged the information you would have gotten from sitting through ALL of my presentations, but you’ll also get access to conversations and discussions that come out of casual meetups after hours at the bar.

You know… Where the real nuggets are shared, whenever everyone is kicking back and just telling stories over a martini with a few good jokes between friends and colleagues.

This is not information that you’ve seen in any other SEO course.

That stuff is extremely useful and you can go very far with it, but this program is packed with the special gems that I save for people willing to travel across the world in the pursuit of knowledge, connections and inspiration.

And I had more time than ever this year to run single variable tests, reverse engineer thousands of sites and analyze algorithm updates in real-time.

Unfortunately, the same reason I had so much time is the same reason why the willing and able weren’t able to make it this year. The pandemic stopped many of you from making it to all of the SEO events, but that didn’t stop me from curating, learning, and getting better than I have ever been.


This program is not for pure white hats. You need to have an open & creative attitude when it comes towards utilizing SEO to make money. I won’t be teaching you anything unethical or illegal, but if you want to play with the big boys then you gotta be willing to make big moves (Sometimes that means putting on a different colour hat)

Most of the techniques I show in this course will, in some way, shape or form break Google’s guidelines.

However, they are extremely effective and when used accordingly, can be implemented to dominate the SERPs, safely grow your traffic, save you thousands of dollars and loads of time.

I’ve been working throughout the year on creating long-lasting, updatable courses and eBooks for the SEO industry that are worth much more than their price tag.


I started the year with a beginner product and throughout the year have been much more focused on the beginner/intermediate range of the industry than I am may be known for and would have liked.
So at the end of the year, I wanted to develop a project for my hardcore audience that have known me for years, grown with me as SEOs and now need their stomachs filling with a ton of new information you can run wild with over the holiday period and into the new year… Setting yourself up for success before it’s even begun.

This is not the SEO information that you’ve seen in my other courses.

For obvious reasons, I can’t give away a lot of the specifics inside… However, this presentation is split into 3 core parts:

Part One: An Introduction To The Money Hat Mindset – I Take You Through My Mindset, Thought Processes, Dealing With Issues & My Major SEO Mistakes For 2020
Part Two: Advanced SEO Theory & Implementation – How I Create Theories, How I Research/Test Them & My Confirmed SEO Theories
Part Three: Tactics & Techniques That Will Make Veterans Lean In – Brand New Advanced, High ROI SEO Strategies With Step-By-Step Breakdowns
As well as a bunch more golden nuggets throughout!

SEO Gems also gives a deep insight into every part of my current SEO setup. From my tools kit (I cover EVERY tool in SEO) to the exact strategies I use on my sites that generate tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for my business every single month.


Whilst this course is meant to be focused on the advanced theories & techniques of the core webinar, I wanted to include a bonus that takes a look at some of the little-seen news that has hit the SEO landscape over the last 12 months, as well as where the future of the industry is heading for the next year.

With future predictions, massive industry changes and Google updates that go under the radar in the SEO industry.

This might be a free bonus, but it should be it’s own course entirely, as algorithm updates have affected (For better or for worse) every SEO I’ve ever met and the last two years seem to have been extremely turbulent.

I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on how Google is approaching updates, how to analyze I share with you my analysis of how Google is approaching updates, how to analyze them yourself, and disclosing top secret information about the major updates in January, May, December of 2020.

I’ve reverse-engineered what’s changed and how it’s going to change in the future. If your site has been affected by algorithm updates already, then you already know how much this is worth. And you get it for free.

Some people may want to go straight to this bonus algo section first!

The majority of SEO Gems consists of grey or black hat tactics & tricks, so I wanted to make a bonus that gave the white hats a run for their money.

This eBook goes through several advanced white hat techniques that you can implement easily, affordably and to serious effect without posing ANY of the innate risks that come with using the darker arts.

Another bonus that could have been its own product and that showcases a side of me many of you are probably not used to seeing.

This training is the result of beta testing my own theories and analysis of other SEO’s work. You will have never seen this research before.

There are SEO courses out there that cost 10x what I’m charging but they barely deliver 1/10th of the results. That’s because they aren’t real-time testing and using real experience. They’re just copying and remixing what other SEOs have already said.

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