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How to Create and Use Content Upgrades to Build Your Email List 2021

How to use content created by other people to build your email list, send unlimited emails to subscribers and make $5-$100 daily in the process.

Simple strategies for building your list and sending emails by legally using other people’s content
The exact 1st email to send to your subscribers to ensure this strategy works well.

How to get the expert, whose content you use, to send you money and affiliate commissions.


If you’re in the Internet marketing world, more than likely you know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by all the various money making methods and schemes out there. There’s Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Clickbank, Youtube, Offline Marketing, SEO, eBooks, Videos, Reports, Seminars, and so much more that your head can explode from all the different options.

If you’re trying to make money it can be difficult to keep from jumping from one project to the next because each new thing holds so much promise and looks so good. What often ends up happening is that many people spend months or even years spinning their wheels in going absolutely nowhere in their business.

When it’s all said and done they’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on products all teaching them how to make money, but they can’t show that they made more than a few bucks on the Internet.

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