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How to Build an Email List from your Gmail Account 2021

No-cost newsletter and list builder.

Subscribers updated every time that you post.
Every blog will have its own optin form.
Messages almost guaranteed to get inboxed.
As many blogs/websites that you want.
At virtually no-cost to you.


Are you looking for a way no-cost way to update and build
multiple email lists?

This strategy guide details how to setup a
newsletter subscribe form on WordPress that will
automatically send an email to your list of
subscribers every time that you post a new blog
post. Even better, you will be able to schedule the
posts like an auto-responder would. – At absolutely
no cost.

Should you choose to accept this mission you will
need to collect the following items:

 WordPress self hosted blog.
 Sign up for a FeedBurner account.
 Elegant Subscription Popup plugin.

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