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How do I earn $50 per day with CPA marketing? 2021

You earn from CPA when a visitor on your site completes an action required by the advertiser.

That means if you post my ad for a survey, for example, and you have a user who clicks on the ad and completes the survey, then you get paid.

The adult niche drives millions of traffic each year but still not many people are trying to make money out of it so in this book I would like to discuss how I made my very first $ 50 from CPA (I have made more than $100 but it was through freelance writing)


An offer has to have the interest behind it to make income with. If you target your advertising campaign to the masses expecting magical sales then you have made the biggest mistake out there.

Eventually your advertising will overpower your profits and you will be very disappointed. You will need cash flow to start your campaigns and do not be misled to think otherwise.

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