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How to Make 50-100$ daily for beginners with adult CPA guide, no investment

MAKE $100-200/day 

By Dextrosity

Before I start with the method, let’s talk about what we need for this method to work.

1.Domain Name

2.Crakrevenue or other adult CPA affiliate account

Now for domain names you can buy them from any place you want, you can buy .com .net or whatever you want based in your budget you have. (Irecommend for start to buy domains as .xyz or .info or .site because they are really cheap and you won’t invest much for this method until you start earning big money and invest more.)

I bought domain names on namecheap with .site extension because they costlike 2 dollars there and I didn’t want to start big.You can choose whatever provider to buy those it doesn’t matter.

Before buying domain name you need to follow these steps.

1.Gohere :

2.Fill out the form and click I’m in

3.Wait for them to send you an email that you are accepted as affiliate.

After you receive the verification email and you are accepted as affiliate you can now go and buy your domain name.

Now for domain name you are going to choose something like or or something related to webcam because you will send your traffic to a dating or webcam site.

For example I chose (I bought for 2$ In namecheap)

Ok now you have your domain name what next?

Head over to crakrevenue page, and go to Offers section.

Choose one offer that fits you and click on it.

Now you can see your ‘Tracking Link’What you are gonna do is copy your tracking link and redirect your domain name to this link.

Why you doing this?Because all your traffic you send to your domain name will go to crakrevenue offer and you will get paid.

Ok now you got your domain name redirected to your tracking link of crakrevenue and you are all done, now you are asking how are you going to get traffic to these sites?

It’s all easy, what you are going to do is upload porn videos in sites like xvideos, pornhub, etc (porn sites that allow you to upload videos)

How you are going to get the videos? Go to any forum you like and find the porn section.

In that section you will find thousands of videos of girls, webcaming or even doing porno.

What you are looking is videos with no intros, no names or any writing in them because xvideos or other pages will ban your videos.

Now find some good porno videos or even girls on webcams no problem and download them.

Now you have to convert them to .avi formatTo do that go to : www.zamzar.comPut your video and convert to .avi format

And all done you have your videos all done ready to upload.

Next step is to go to xvideos and other porn sites that allow uploading videos and register there.

After you register go to upload and put your .avi video you converted.

Now all the method to earn money is in this:

Put your domain name in the title.

Example: Big ass girl fucking –more at

Put good tags like : big ass, big tits, milf, etc.

Now all of you asking how we getting traffic from this? 

Easy man, you are going to put your domain name in the Title of the video.

Yeah right easy as fuck traffic for you.

Everyone who visits xvideos or pornhub sees your video likes it and then sees your domain name in the title and wants more, copies your domain name and when he enters he is redirected to your crakrevenue link and boom you get money.

The twist of this is you have to register as many porn sites as you can andyou need some good videos that attract views (incest videos do pretty well)

Some sites don’t allow links in title so justwrite like this: domainname(dot)com or just jump to another site which allows links in the title.

Upload 2-3 videos in many porn sites and wait for 2-3 days you will see you are earning money from day to day until you make $50to $100.

 Now it’s time to buy more domain sand invest your earned money into paid traffic (if you want to earn faster).

Enjoy the method and earn money people, money earning was never this easy.

For more advanced methods contact me:


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