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The IM Dilemma
The Plan of Attack
Prepare to Be Successful
Develop a New Mindset
Read Books by Those Who are Where You Want to Be
• Book Suggestion
• More Book Suggestions
Get Rid of Unnecessary Distractions
Why People Fail in IM (or almost any business venture)

  1. The Fear of Losing Money
  2. Chasing Magic Pills
    Promoting Products
    The Plan
    Module 1 – Research
  3. Product Research
  4. The Process
  5. Typical Launch Announcements Calendar
    Module 2 – Setup
  6. Planning Your Landing Page Theme
  7. How to Write a Landing Page that Converts
  8. Tips on Increasing Your Landing Page Conversion Rate
  9. Driving Traffic into Your Landing Page
  10. Set up Your Review Blog
  11. Adding Reviews to your Blog


I will reveal some little known secrets of IM Gurus, so you can learn to produce results like they do, consistently.
I go in-depth in explaining how to use stories in writing your sales and landing pages, as well as how to plan your landing page to meet the specific needs of your leads.

The plan of attack.
Prepare to be successful.
Develop a new mindset.
Follow those who are where you want to be.
Get rid of unnecessary distractions.

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