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Confessions of a Marketing Agency Owner FREE DOWNLOAD

Confessions of a Marketing Agency Owner – How to make $1,000,000 with only 5 clients.

Inside my brand new book, you’ll discover:

The lightbulb moment I had after making a client $3,000,000 with one campaign that changed the way I ran my agency forever.

​“The Marketing Agency Conundrum”: The biggest problem every agency owner faces that they’ve never been able to solve… until now
​The 4 limiting beliefs that hold you back from growing a highly profitable agency that runs without you
​The story of ‘Barry’ and the harsh truth about the traditional agency model (PLUS: I’ll reveal the new way to run an agency)
​“The Hole Quandary”: Why more clients is not the solution to growing your agency
​The #1 reason clients hate agencies
​When a client complains about an agency, it’s rarely about the , but about the
​The client that paid me $24,000 per month… and then ‘ghosted’ me
​What’s the best type of business to run? Agency? Affiliate Marketing? E-Com? I’ll reveal all in this chapter.
​The ethical dilemma of charging agency clients and how to overcome it
​​How Joseph sold paintings for 10x their original price & why you must apply this model to your business
​3 reasons why you must charge more and why your clients LOVE when you do
​The universal formula of business every agency owner must know
​“If I knew what I knew now… I would have charged $200,000″ (you’ll be shocked when you hear this story)
​​How I was once paid $1,700,000 to run Facebook Ads
​The “invisible worth” of the marketing consultant and why you must overcome it
​The fastest way to increase the maximum price you are paid is to increase your _
The “$20,000 Rolls Royce” Lesson
The 10% price increase that raised profit by $87,500
​20 reasons you must charge more and why it’s ethically irresponsible not to
​“But Ben… whereabouts should I hit the pipe?”: The comical story that will help you charge more for your services
​The 2 Cardinal Sins Agency Owners Make when it comes to Pricing
​10 clients at $10,000 Vs 100 clients at $1,000?
​The Bar Fight Principle: How to win a bar fight and get paid more in your agency
​5 step process to comfortably negotiate higher fees with your clients
​The 8 different ways to price your marketing services

The Value Reverse Engineering method any agency can use to get clients that pay them up to $25,000 per month
​How I made $1.5M from one deal using this weird pricing model
​The ultimate sales process to convert any business into a high paying client
​“The 4 Minute Mile of my sales career” (Page 61)
​The 4 Buyer Indicators to help you know exactly when & how you should close someone
​My 9 Step Sales Process to close agency sales with ease
​The biggest lie every agency owner has been told
​How a marketing client that was paying an agency $2,000 per month and not getting results, paid my agency $17,000 per month for the same marketing services

​The myth of client selection and how to get the perfect clients for your agency that are highly profitable
The 6 ways a client can add “ancillary value” to you (And why this is SUPER important to grow your agency)
​Oil Vein Theory: “The secret to dominating any niche in the marketing world”
​The secrets to hiring an incredible team
​The counterintuitive method I use to hire salespeople (HINT: I deliberately hire closers that know nothing about marketing)
​The simple secret to hiring world class ad managers without breaking the bank
​The 6 step method I used to make $1M from 5 clients in 90 days or less

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