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How to get 8000 YouTube subscribers daily.

By using this method, you can get one of these offers:

8000 Subscribers

All subscriptions, likes and views are real, not bots

with ytmonster
It is a site where you can exchange subscribers, likes, views and comments
I searched the whole net for a nice script / bot for ytmonster, but ended up with making my own scripts I would like to share with you guys
Not on YTMONSTER yet? Sign up now – Click on the YTMONSTER
Now you will need Mozilla Firefox and the addon iMacro (imacro is also available (for chrome but for me it gets errors on ytmonster
After you installed both, Download the scripts: here
Put both scripts into the imacro folder (can be found under documents on your pc)
Head over to ytmonster and go to exchange > subscribe/like
Don’t hit the subscribe / like button!
Now start the script on auto ( max = 99999 )
Thats it!​

Youtube have updated the template which has broken the script. Just click on restore classic youtube and it will work again
Here :
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