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How do I make $100 per day from CPA marketing?

If you want to get this kind of profit, you have to take into consideration some things:

CPA marketing works best with paid traffic, so if you want to make real money, invest money in paid ads to get the right kind of traffic in the shortest period of time for your offers
You need a high level of commitment and you know you need to work hard and launch at least five or ten campaigns every day.

Since you will be spending a lot of money on your campaigns, you need good cash flow management, otherwise you will find a very profitable campaign and you will not have enough money to scale because the network has not paid you yet.

If you turn on Facebook traffic, you will face facebook ads account ban all the time
You need to treat this like your job and not like some of the hobbies you have after work.
You won’t get $100 per day with free traffic.

Free traffic works with affiliate marketing, if you want to make money with CPA marketing, you need to use paid traffic and you need to invest money, time and passion.


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