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The $100 Million Swipe Profile:

The Greatest Advertising and Messages from the Great Advertising and Marketing Legends of All Time Personal

Influence Prospects, Double Your Sales, Promote Your Brand Thank you for purchasing your advertising solution!

We are pleased to present you this invaluable scroll file that we know will be a reference tool for years (and decades!) to come.

This 128-page PDF covers products in everything from retail products to mail order books and information products… from health and beauty to finance… and from self-help to business opportunities.

There are also a large number of advertisements from Claude Hopkins and David Ogilvy about advertising sales and advertising work.

Their methods founded two of the biggest agencies in history: Lord & Thomas and Ogilvy & Mather. This PDF was compiled by Lawrence Bernstein, who has been hailed as “the world’s greatest direct response researcher” by direct mail writing legend Gary Pensvinga, and many other international copywriters and direct marketers.

Since you are a purchaser of “The Advertising Solution,” you can claim a free copy of Lawrence’s new featured report, Persuasion Patterns, for marketers, copywriters, and business builders.


$100 Million Dollar Swipe File DOWNLOAD FREE

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