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How to get $ 20,000 + spending limit for FB ™ ads

Most people don’t realize that Facebook ™ pushes your advertising expenditures forward, and that you pay when the bill is due!
In this session, I’ll show you my exact 3-step process that I use time and time again to get big Facebook ™ spending limits so that you can have an ad budget of $ 2000, $ 10,000, $ 20,000 or more!

How to obtain a working capital loan of $ 10,000 from PAYPAL ™

Paypal ™ gives you the best loans, giving you the best resource for building a huge list quickly!
There is a delicate process that I have successfully used with students to help them secure $ 5,000, $ 10,000, and even $ 20,000 in loans through the Paypal ™ Working Capital Program – but it requires these vital steps first!

7 steps to create an optional email list of 10,000+ people

Don’t build a small list, rather create a big list! Use these steps to quickly expand your large league listings.
I’ve heard everyone tell you to build a list, right? But it is possible that you built a list that was unresponsive and didn’t buy anything, or that you never figured out how to create a list in the first place.

In this session I will change that for you. You see, the goal is to build a real list that actually engages and buys the things it sells, but also to build a measurable list so that you can grow it to reach tens of thousands. I’m excited to explain all of this in this session – which could easily be a course on its own!

How to set up rewards and sequence of promotions

Don’t content yourself with email offers. This does not work as well. Instead, you should use rewards and sequences.
When I first started out, I created an unresponsive list that wouldn’t buy anything. But after implementing the strategies in session 3, I built a very responsive list of buyers. Now in Session 4, I’ll show you my exact ways to convert sales from the list you create through proper email sequences and unique selling propositions.

How to find the right offers to promote your listing

Make no mistake about picking the wrong offers, take this part seriously and learn how to pick the winners.
Success leaves clues. There is a specific process that I use to define which offers to promote for my list, and it’s something I can teach you to design next so that you pick a winner, and promote the offers that convert!

How to maximize your earnings for every offer you promote

I was shocked to find that 99% of affiliate marketers don’t actually use this strategy!
One of the fatal mistakes that affiliate marketers make is earning the referral commission paid on only the initial offer they are promoting. This causes them to make at least half of what they can!

In this session, I’ll teach you a strategy to follow that will start applying to every promotion you send to your listings, and how to double or even triple the profits on every sale you make!

How to run profitable ads for every offer you promote

Don’t just rely on your email list to make sales. Take advantage of the power of Facebook ads with every promotion!
There are only a few marketers who run profitable Facebook ad campaigns when they promote offers, and they only do so on larger launches. Meanwhile, there are smaller launches every day that turn out like crazy, and you might be the only person smart enough to make extra money on lucrative Facebook ™ ads!

The dominance of the product launch

6 quarterly numbers are released
How to get a RED-HOT buyer into your email list by launching products with first class support!
Now that you have mastered the affiliate marketing process, you likely meet other top affiliates, rank on leaderboards, send loads of traffic to launches, and know your name really well there.

Now is the time to improve it with your own launch! In this session, I will detail you on how to launch products and recruit jv’s through “mutual promotions” to generate hundreds of thousands of visitors for your launch, generate 5-6 numbers in revenue, and expand your email list using red hot buyers!
More screenshots for example for my daily commissions
Obtained from promoting JVZOO shows as an affiliate
$ 8,013 One Day


I made $485,432.55 in commissions and over $150,000 in a single month.
Become a master at creating traffic, capturing leads and converting sales and you can generate unlimited wealth.
I built a 50,000 person highly engaged list with Facebook traffic, and it generated me millions of dollars in revenue that year.

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