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Everyone knows that paid traffic is the easiest, most reliable traffic. Other sources take a lot of time or effort, and many people eventually give up entirely because they don’t see results for weeks or months.

For example, using only free methods, it may take months or even years to build enough authority on a new blog to rank well in Google.

Or it might take weeks or months to build a decent following on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook without spending money. Plus, it takes a lot of time to do so. Fortunately, paid traffic doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

In this guide, I will show you how to use inexpensive Facebook ads to drive traffic to your offers and build your list with as little as $10 per day spent! Where else can you begin building a real foundation for a business with only ten bucks a day?

Just ten dollars a day… which many of us spend on coffee and lunch, anyway, can help you build a platform you can use to market products for a very long time!

Let’s begin.

an introduction:

$ 10 a day for the pass plan
How to leverage Facebook to quickly (and inexpensively) launch, test, and scale your traffic campaigns
What is a “$ 10 a day pass”?

Introducing a paid 21-step traffic plan

This is a tried and true plan to help you quickly roll out new traffic campaigns so you can identify the winners … but more importantly, identify the losers that are costing you money.

A way to attract leads / customers at any stage of the conversion funnel

Identify the hooks and audiences and exactly how to message them all.

It includes our 6-step “value first” strategy to transform unloved prospects into brand supporters

If you don’t provide value, your ad will be ignored and your relevance score will drop. It will cost more money, do this to reduce spending and convert more.

A step-by-step training course with …

4 hours and 53 minutes of video training and 5 downloadable resources dedicated to building your ad campaign.

Computer: $ 10 / Day Pass Plan
$ 10 Daily Pass Plan – DigitalMarketer

Look inside
Learn More Buy Now – $ 27
Launch a scalable ad campaign on Facebook today … for only $ 10

Ten dollars …

It’s not a lot of money these days. In fact, you and your friend might spend that, or a little more, buying a latte and some brownies at your favorite coffee shop.

But for us, ten dollars is a lot.

This is because we know three specific, proven types of Facebook campaigns that you can launch for only $ 10 a day.

This is what that means …

Think you need to set aside hundreds or even thousands of dollars to test a new offering?

This was the case.

Thankfully, thanks to Facebook, you can get started and get really statistically significant results …

… for only $ 10 a day.

Really … for ten bucks a day and a few days of testing, you’ll know if your bid will succeed.

And when you know you have a winner, you can scale those same campaigns to $ 100 and even $ 1000 a day.

Well, when the ROI, the more you spend, the better. But it all starts with only ten dollars!

The good news is that it’s actually easier than you think to start, especially when you’re tracking our installed system.

That’s why we created a $ 10 Daily Traffic Plan

This is a tried-and-true plan to help you quickly launch new traffic campaigns so you can spot the winners …

… but most importantly, identify the losers who are costing you money.

Why do you want to do that?


Most of the offers and campaigns don’t work, but this is where most people focus 100% of their efforts.

Look, at DigitalMarketer, we’re doing just the opposite.

Campaigns where we can’t make a positive ROI of $ 10 a day aren’t worth our time.

We spend most of our time expanding our winning ads and offers.

However, if we had no way of knowing if the bid would succeed quickly, we wouldn’t know what to expand (and the scale can potentially be costly, squeezing out campaigns like many other campaigns) …


… that’s where the $ 10 per day test and test plan comes in.

This training covers everything you need to know to get started testing your offerings – from audience targeting to ad creation and launching, and more.

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