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How Get Free Traffic 17k to 350k+Monthly Page Views in 9 Months.

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic?

I feel your pain! Barely nine months ago, I was sitting at around 15,000-17,000 page views per month (sometimes dipping lower than that), despite publishing a TON of content and working 30-40 hours each week on my blog.

I didn’t know what the heck was going on, and I seriously wanted to throw in the towel. I was spending sooooo much time on my blog that, in addition to being a stay-at-home-mom, there was no way I could scale that up and produce more income. It seemed no matter what I did, my blog traffic increased at a snail’s pace.

I vividly recall the moment when I decided something had to change.
It’s when I tried to apply for a sponsored post, thinking I had about
27,000 page views for the past 30 days (25k was the minimum
needed to apply) and finding this when I logged into my Google

17,097! I was devastated. All that hard work, and my page views were going down!! You can see I had that one spike in early March, but it was short-lived, and I was back down in the dumps.

I had ended January with 25,100 monthly page views and ended February with 35,722 thanks to a good selection of Valentine’s Day related posts on my blog.

I just assumed things would trend up as long as I kept working hard the same way I had been. Boy,

was I wrong! I finally realized I needed to take a step back and figure out exactly how other people were getting tons of traffic when all I could get consistently was a few hundred page views per day.

After studying countless of other bloggers, I realized I was going about this all wrong.


What you’ll learn

  • How Get Free Traffic 17k to 350k+Monthly Page Views in 9 Months.
  • Why You’re Not Getting Traffic
    How To Get Traffic To Your Website
    Google SEO Ranking Factors
    Find Keywords to Rank In Google For
    Write Content That’ll Rank In Google Search
    Make Money Free Traffic
    Write Clickable Titles
    Increase Website Loading Speed For Better SEO
    On Page & Off Page SEO
    Website Mobile SEO Optimization
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