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Why is Pinterest great for driving traffic to your small service-based business and learning how to create the right pin designs for Pinterest. Research shows that people love to research products on Pinterest before purchasing. Learn how to set up a business account on Pinterest.

How to Create a Plan to Increase Pinterest Traffic. Free viral traffic to your website, blog and landing page are all organic. Pinterest is not a typical social media medium, it is actually a very powerful search engine.

Instagram online posts that are buried under new posts, “pins” will be available for an extended period of time due to SEO. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Pinterest isn’t exactly a social network, but a search engine. So, making your content SEO friendly is an important part of promoting your business on Pinterest.

What you’ll learn

  • Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets Course 2021
  • Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets helped me increase my Pinterest traffic significantly! 
  • Pinterest is a complex search engine with a lot of moving pieces and Anastasia’s 
  • Course helped put all those pieces together into a fine tuned traffic generating machine, now all we do is rinse and repeat 10 minutes a day.
  • How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website 2021 FREE DOWNLOAD

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