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CPA Bing Blazers + DFY Campaigns OTOs – Turn $5 Into $1500 Per Day Free Download

CPA Bing Blazers

Bing (now officially named Microsoft Ads) has been a staple for CPA for many years. It has been a golden source, is still a golden source, and will continue to be one for the foreseeable future.

With Bing recently going through a big change, I created this course to update what are the most effective and profitable strategies while teaching the new interface. I will be teaching multiple strategies that involve Bing, each catering to different levels of skill, experience, and budget. So no matter where you are at in your CPA journey, this course can help you get on the right path to reaching your biggest goals with CPA.


Before we move forward, I want to make sure you know about the upgrades that can help you big time with starting faster and getting profitable more quickly. They are limited so be sure to jump in while they are available. CPA Bing Blazers DFY Package – This will get you running profitable CPA Dash campaigns in no time. I give you literally everything you need:

What You Need

• Bing Ads (Microsoft Ads) Account
• Landing page builder (optional) – Make sure you
email me your Wordpress login information so I can
install instabuilder for you with my developer’s
license if you haven’t already. It is at least $77 if you
buy it on your own.
• Autoresponder (optional) – I recommend Aweber
• CPA or affiliate offers to promote
• Tracking platform – Bemob is free, cloud hosted, easy
to use, and has all the features we need
Direct Linking
This is the simplest and fastest way possible to get
campaigns up. With direct linking campaigns, you simply
run ads straight to the CPA offer without a landing page. So
literally all you need is a Bing ads account and an offer to
• Quick – You can get a campaign up and running
within 5 minutes
• Cheap – With less variables to test, you can use a
smaller budget before you adjust and optimize..

CPA Bing Blazers + DFY Campaigns OTOs – Turn $5 Into $1500 Per DayCPA Bing Blazers + DFY Campaigns OTOs – Turn $5 Into $1500 Per Day Download

Bing has long been the king of CPA when it comes to cost of traffic, quality of traffic, ease of use, and affiliate friendliness. Recently, it has gotten even better as it has improved and added everything about its platform!

CPA Bing Blazers is my value packed CPA course revealing how I am crushing campaigns with ease and profiting big at sky high rates. This includes how I’m using certain Bing features that are not taught anywhere else.

You aren’t just being handed some theoretical course based on rehashed generic information. I am a real CPA marketer that has been doing this for years.

I started off in the same position you’re in now- a total newbie, and coming from that position he knows how to get you from where you are now to where I am now because I’ve been there! Plus, I take you through the entire process from the ground up. Does it get any better and easier than that?

Here are some of what you can expect to get from CPA Bing Blazers:

How to get started with just 15-30 minutes a day and a small $ 5 advertising budget
How I use new and improved Bing features to consistently produce an incredibly high ROI (not taught anywhere else)
How to access multiple CPA network accounts easily
Strong steps to test the offer, optimize and scale up earnings
How To Smash The Super Profitable Direct Link Campaigns! No need to create landing pages (although I teach that too).
There are a lot of “experts” who sell products that teach a broad overview of CPA Marketing and a set of traffic methods that they advise you to “just try and see what happens”. We both know this information is not enough for you to get results.


That’s why in my new course, I revealed everything from A to Z. I’m in the trenches taking action the way I teach and the results speak for themselves.

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