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Google Ads Formula $1200 Threshold Accounts Free DOWNLOAD

A warm welcome and Thanks for purchasing my Private Method.
In this method I will teach you,

how to create $1200 Threshold Adword Accounts with some simple steps
So, what we’ll Required?

1) We need AWS Accounts | Trusted Seller |
2) We need Verified Working Gmail, It must be one month old | Trusted Seller |

3) Warm Up of Google Ads required 1-2 days, that’s safe for each account to avoid suspensions
4) We need To Make Account in Express Mode (We will make the campaign first and then billing
with express mode)
5) And Obviously Need PayPal Account, We won’t use VCC for The Adwords Accounts. We ‘ll use
Fully verified PayPal Accounts. |Trusted Seller|
Note: If we use Expert mode, we can spend $500 overall, but for having $1200 full spending we need
express mode and verified Working PayPal Account with high quality Credit Card.

These are the main topics we are going to cover in this method

• How to Create Multiple VPS IN Amazon AWS Account.
• How to Setup Safe Extensions & Browser
• How to Sign UP For Adword Express
• How to Build Express AUTO Dummy
• How to Get $1200 Credit Free Spending

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