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Tiny Books Netflix Method DOWNLOND FREE

Tiny-Books Netflix Method – How to get your book noticed & monetized to the absolute maximum!

Tiny Books Netflix Method – 42 tiny chapters all making $1 each. They generate over 8,000 per month. Unknown author is making a killing with tiny Kindle books. But his success is not about marketing And it’s not about fancy book covers It’s about breaking a book into tiny chapters Selling each chapter as an entire book… And it’s about NETFLIX Yes, Netflix! He found a way to emulate a Netflix series The excitement, the anticipation, the addiction He gives readers a little piece For a tiny price Gets them completely hooked And then sells them Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4…

He takes months off at a time

He’s currently traveling the world He occasionally writes another quick chapter And adds to his royalty stack This author is UNKNOWN He had no blog to use as leverage No social media presence And absolutely no cash .

His books HAD to promote themselves They had to win on their own With no outside help He’s lucky he came up with this method I know his success is hard to believe But I will show you all 42 books And the ranks of each and every one So you can calculate his sales for yourself And the beauty of his system is the speed.

The chapters are extremely short Quick and easy to write And each chapter adds even more royalties When I first realized how much he’s making I had to rub my eyes Drink another sip of coffee And take a second look! I love it when ‘regular’ people win When the good people win And this proves it can be done Even without a budget!! If you think you can’t profit from Amazon… You MUST take a look at his success And when you get over the shock You will realize that truly anyone can do this

Tiny Books Netflix Method:


Tiny Books Netflix Method DOWNLOND FREE

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