BigData Free Download.


Because information has become the weapon of humanity which allows it to move forward while keeping the traces of the past! 

And because time has become the major fighter of the time! 

And because man keeps finding solutions!

That information technology was born: A real magic that makes it possible to keep everything, to trace everything while evolving!

Digital technology, useful for any category of person, has made it possible to store a great deal of information. But this mass of storage remains relative to the media adopted!

The BigData is ready for you!

In the 21st century, we never stop discovering and evolving, this is the case with BigData: An intelligent remedy for the quantitative explosion of digital data!

It is a concept for storing an indescribable amount of information on a digital basis.

Whether you are Students, Engineers, IT or Data Scientist, you are data manipulators, BigData is the immense reservoir of your data.

As always, the SmartnSkilled team cannot go by without revealing the secrets of profitable management of your big data!

What to learn?

This BigData video training allows you to discover the challenges of BigData, to know its professions, to know the actors of BigData who offer open source and proprietary solutions and to have an idea about the authors of BigData certifications .

By following this BigData video training , you will be able to describe each BigData component and discover its ecosystem.

It will no longer be difficult to build your own Hadoop distribution from scratch and you learn about NameNode, DataNode, RessourceManager, NodeManager and EdgeNode and how to add them into the Hadoop solution.

At the same time, we will deal with some common errors resulting from installations and offer you troubleshooting techniques.

Come and discover BigData’s lighthouses with us , accompanying your Béchir BEJAOUI expert.


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